22 Nov 2018
My new website is now online! Visit it here.

16 Feb 2018
Apologies for the lack of updates to the site. I'm working on a new website which I'm planning to launch this year. In the meantime visit my blog to see new work and my latest news.

4 May 2017
Site Updates:
Eight images added to the Image Archive:
2017: Bird Box
Floaters, Mr Freakshow, The Monastery, Loup-Tables, Exquisite Corpse, The Brekerman, The Coins of the Fallen

4 Jan 2017
Happy New Year!
Here's a long overdue update; I've added nine images to the Image Archive. There are many more images that I did last year for some cool projects that I can't post yet but hopefully will be able to reveal soon! Wishing you all the best for 2017!
2016: Season's Greetings
, Snapshot, A Face Like Glass, Fly By Night, The Blue Air Compressor, The Dispatcher, Lilja's Library, Conflagration
2015: Dark Screams

19 Aug 2016
Site Updates:
Ten images added to the Image Archive:
2016: The Last Days of New Paris
, Return of the Old Ones, Sophie, Wild Swimming
2015: The Thunder Man
, Abion, Freedom of the Mask, Something Happened, Skytop, The Lie Tree

28 Dec 2015
Site Updates:
Five images added to the Image Archive:
2015: Snowflake, This Census-Taker, Children of the Bedtime Machine
2014: Grand Central Arena, The Blue People

14 Oct 2015
Site Updates:
Thirteen images added to the Image Archive:
2015: The Dark Tower, The Great Turtle, Wolves of the Calla, Bad Dreams,The Skin-Man, Downfall of the Gods, Investigation Board, Voluntary Commital, My Father's Mask, The Museum of Silence, The Cape, You Will Hear the Locust Sing
2014: The Weighing of the Heart

21 Jun 2015
Site Updates:
Nine images added to the Image Archive: The Wizard's Glass, The Key and the Rose, Limbo, The Drawing of the Three, The Gunslinger, Down the Drain, 20th Century Ghost, Pop Art, Working for Bigfoot.

6 Mar 2015
Site Updates:
It's been a while since my last post so here's a mass update of images to the Image Archive:
2015: Night Calls the Green Falcon, Doom City
2014: Something Passed By, Castle Kronsteen, Operation Santa, Hellfire and Damnation, SplatterCon!!!, Messenger's Legacy, My Name is Mary Sutherland, My Name is Mary Sutherland – Through the Mirror, Doll's Head
2012: John Dies at the End, Death of Light, Ghost Heart, Tunnel of Terror
2010: Slave of Sondelle
2008: The Deadliest of the Species

13 Oct 2014
Today I’m launching a sale on all limited edition prints.  From now until December 31st there will be 25% off the price of limited edition prints, so each print will be reduced from £90 to £67.50 (not including shipping).

Furthermore, the image I did for the wraparound dust jacket for the limited edition of The Shining is now also available as a limited edition print.

To see which images are available as limited edition prints, and to find out more about the prints themselves and get details of shipping costs, click here. To order prints email vinny@vincentchong-art.co.uk

10 Sep 2014
Site Updates:
Eleven images added to the Image Archive:
2014: Skytop, The Minister, Pink, Kids, Necromancer, Run and Hide, An Angel Holds all the Answers, For Fermin, The Eternal Editor
2013: The Dead in Life, The Scorpion's Eye

2 Jul 2014
I’ve just done an interview with Lilja over at Lilja’s Library, which you can read here. Lilja’s Library is a Stephen King fansite that has all the latest news about King and his work, so it’s a website all fans of King should check out!

21 May 2014
Site Updates:
Eight images added to the Image Archive:
2014: The Flesh Remembers, Inspector Chen, The Queen of Bedlam
2013: Warbound, Hedge Lion, The Woman in the Bathtub, Room 217
2012: Dreamlike States

13 Mar 2014
Site Updates:
Nine images added to the Image Archive:
2014: World War Cthulhu, Lost Grace, A Sudden Demise, The Cemetery of Forgotten Books, The Prisoner of Heaven
2013: A Christmas Cephalopod, Blood Rites, The River of Souls, The Scholar

29 Nov 2013
Site Updates:
Six images added to the Image Archive:
2013: The Boiler, Waking the Dead
2012: The Language of Fear, Dark Advent, Weak and Wounded
2011: Joule and Watt

I've also updated the selection of illustration and design work in my Portfolio.

13 Nov 2013
I am now offering limited edition prints of a small selection of my images, including some of the artwork I’ve done for the limited editions of Stephen King’s The Shining and Doctor Sleep.

These limited edition Giclee prints are printed on museum grade Baryta paper, offering maximum longevity, and each print will be limited to an edition of 100 only. Please click here for full details on pricing and to see which images are available as limited edition prints.

6 Nov 2013
I recently returned from World Fantasy Con in Brighton. I had an absolutely wonderful time, and to top it off, I was awarded the World Fantasy Award for Best Artist at the awards ceremony on Sunday, which was the icing on the cake, and the perfect way to end the Con for me. You can see the full list of winners here. Congrats to all the other winners and nominees!

18 Aug 2013
This year's World Fantasy Awards have been announced and I'm pleased to say that I've been shortlisted for the Artist award. You can see the full list of nominations here.

Site Update: It's been a very busy past few months and I've haven't had time to post any artwork updates recently so here's a load of new images posted to my Image Archive:
2012: Double Star, Life on the Preservation, The Dollmaker, The End of the World, Blue November Storms
2013: Unmask, Enter if You Dare, Abra, Rose, Ghost Train, Knight Fall, The Ape's Wife, Noble V: Greylancer, Everything You Need, Transfigurations

31 Mar 2013
I've been nominated for this year's Hugo Awards in the Best Professional Artist category. You can see the full list of nominations here.The winners will be announced on Sunday, September 1, 2013, at the Hugo Awards Ceremony at LoneStarCon 3 in San Antonio, Texas.

28 Mar 2013
Site Update:
It's been a while so here's a mass update of images to my Image Archive:
2011: Sandcastle Alchemy, More Than Midnight
2012: Fade Away, Last Breath, Steam, A Killer Among Demons, The Cornerstone, Spellbound, Dogs with their Eyes Shut
2013: Blue Lightning, The Folding Man, Dread Island

5 Jan 2013
Site Update:
Three new images added to the Image Archive: Space Dance, Snowman, Liar's Harvest (version 2).

23 Nov 2012
Site Update:
Eleven new images added to the Image Archive: Broken Quill, The Devil's Whorehouse, World Under Water, Death Masks, Drawn & Quartered, The Mexican, Bingo, Bad Fairy, The Stork, MonkeyBox, Ravensfriend.

9 Oct 2012
Site Update:
Eight new images added to the Image Archive:
2012: Shadows, Slow River, The Caltraps of Time, Beneath the Surface, The Creature at the Crossroads, The Gray Places
2011: Agonistes, Death Comes

30 July 2012
Site Update:
Six new images added to the Image Archive: Scowler, Frozen, Wooden Man, Liar's Harvest, Railsea, Other Seasons.

18 June 2012
Site Update:
Four new images added to the Image Archive.
2011: 13 Hangmen, Clones
2012: Distant Star, Motherless Child

4 May 2012
Site Update:
It's been a couple of months since I added any new images so here's a mass update to my Image Archive.
2012: The Cold Commands, Troll Bridge, Harry Dresden–Wizard
2011: Megodonts, Plagues, White Shirts, IP Men, Hunted, Above the Scorpion Pit
2010: Beyond Here Lies Nothing

27 Feb 2012
Site Update:
Six images added to the Image Archive: Hard Magic (2012), Octopus Map, The Providence Rider, Pandaemonium, Lights Out, The Grey Griffins & Blackstone (2011).

3 Jan 2012
Site Update:
Five images added to the Image Archive: Walker, The Devil's Coattails, The Windup Girl (ver 1), The Windup Girl (ver 2), Living with the Dead, Starry Kisses.

15 Dec 2011

A limited edition sterling silver bookmark, based on the artwork I created for the Polish edition of Clive Barker’s The Damnation Game, is now available for purchase. The bookmark is limited to 150 with numbers 1-52 accompanied by a special limited edition signed ‘playing card’ and numbers 53-150 with a small signed card. The price, including P&P, is €225 euros (approx. £190) for numbers 1-52 and €212 euros (approx £175) for numbers 53-150. For further information please see my blog and you can purchase it from The Oghamzone website here.

13 Nov 2011
Site Update:
Four images added to the Image Archive: The Manitou (2010), The Great White Way, A Moment of Reflection, 11/22/63(2011).

7 Oct 2011
At last weekend's FantasyCon I picked up two British Fantasy Awards for 'Best Artist' and for 'Best-Non Fiction' for my art book Altered Visions.

Site Update:
Two images added to the Image Archive under 2010: Cyber Circus, Torn.

1 Sep 2011
Site Update:
Three images added to the Image Archive: Dangerous Visions, Bad Radio, Lullaby for the Rain Girl.

16 Aug 2011
Site Update:
Four images added to the Image Archive: An Untimely End, Into the Beyond, Summer Knight, The Hunter from the Woods.

30 July 2011
Locus Online have posted the list of nominees for the 2011 World Fantasy Awards and I was pleasantly surprised to find out that I’ve made the shortlist for Best Artist. This is the first time I’ve been nominated for a World Fantasy Award so I’m absolutely delighted! You can see the full list of nominees here.

7 July 2011
The shortlist for the 2011 British Fantasy Awards has been announced. I’m very pleased to have made the shortlist for Best Artist again, but this year an extra nice surprise for me was that my art book Altered Visions: The Art of Vincent Chong, published by Telos, has also been nominated in the Best Non-Fiction category. Altered Visions is still available from Telos and more details on the book can be found here.

23 Jun 2011
Site Update:
Added my banner design for Twisted Tales Events to the Portfolio section.

13 Jun 2011
Site Update:
Two images added to the Image Archive: Eye of the Storm and Darkness Falling and updated some images in the Portfolio section.

30 May 2011
Site Update:
Lots of images added to the Image Archive from the last few years that I'd not had the chance or forgotten to add before.
2011: Embassytown, Long Shadows, Nightmare Light, The Roanoke Werewolves.
2010: Dreamcatcher, Inside the Hidden Room, Thoughts of Suicide, The Grey Griffins & the Sand Monster.
2009: The House in the Desert.

17 May 2011
Site Update:
Three images added to the Image Archive: Deviant (2011), Focus (2010) and Witchcraft (2009).

News: Earlier in the month I was over in Austin, Texas as a Guest of Honour at the World Horror Convention 2011. You can read about how it went over at my blog.

Site Update:
Four images added to the Image Archive: Desolation (2009), The Monster in the Den (2010), Desdaemona (2010) and Trick or Treat (2010).

12 Apr 2011
Site Update:
Four images added to the Image Archive: Mulitplex Fandango, Bloody Jottings, 'The Five' Band Poster, The Vessel.

8 Mar 2011
Site Update:
Four images added to the Image Archive: Joint Custody, The Fantie Herd, The Family Grave and The Five.

18 Jan 2011
Site Update:
Four images added to the Image Archive: Zombies in New York, Victorious, The Death Train, Death of a Werewolf.

21 Dec 2010
Hope you all have a wonderful festive season and all the best for the new year!

Site Update:
Five images added to the Image Archive: Tower House, At the Cemetery Gates, Tom & Nicola, Zoe's Tale, Snow Globe and one image added to the Design Work section of my Portfolio: Season's Greetings '10 Mailer.

29 Nov 2010
As a special Xmas offer, there will be 20% off the price of all prints ordered from me between now and the end of the year, and free postage is extended to orders outside of the UK during this time as well.

In addition to A4 sized prints, A3 prints are now also available. For more information please see the Prints page and to order prints email me at vinny@vincentchong-art.co.uk.

12 Nov 2010
Site Update:
Four images added to the Image Archive: The Angel's Game, Silent Voices, A Good Marriage, The Alchemist.

News: There's an interview with me up at Macabre Cadaver, an online magazine that features horror, sci-fi and dark fantasy, which you can read here. Remember to check out my blog for all my latest news and artwork previews.

30 Sep 2010
Site Update:
Four images added to the Image Archive: Dark Minds (2009), Passport Photo Strip Self-Portrait (2010), The Concrete Grove (2010), Loss of Separation (2010).

27 Sep 2010
Site Update:
I've updated the selection of images in my Portfolio in the Illustration & Design Work section including some cover designs that haven't been previously posted here.

24 Sep 2010
Site Update:
I'm currently replacing the image panels with slightly higher quality images. If you experience any glitches or broken links when browsing the site, please let me know at vinny@vincentchong-art.co.uk.

News: At the BFS Awards ceremony during last weekend's FantasyCon I picked up my fourth British Fantasy Award for 'Best Artist' The full list of winners can be found here.

31 July 2010
Site updates:
New images added to the Image Archive: The End of the Rainbow, The Wolf's Hour, End Times Diptych, Kraken.

16 Jun 2010
The British Fantasy Society have announced the shortlist for the 2010 British Fantasy Awards and I'm delighted to have made it in there again for 'Best Artist'. The full list of nominees can be seen here.

Site updates:
Things have been pretty busy lately so I've not had chance to update this site in a while. To make up for it I've updated the Image Archive with a number of new images: Tales from the Fragrant Harbour, The Devil's Shadow, Cycle of the Werewolf, The Beauty of Medusa, Stormlord Rising, a couple of interiors for The Club Dumas (The Girl and The Ceniza Brothers) and for Horns (Seeing a New Me and Out of the Flames).
To keep up with all my latest work and news head over to my blog.

2 Apr 2010
was launched last weekend at the World Horror Convention. Any preordered copies should be despatched soon. You can read about my experiences of the Con at my blog. SF Crowsnest.com have also posted a review of ALTERED VISIONS which you can read here.

16 Mar 2010
I've been sent an advance copy of my art book ALTERED VISIONS. Telos have now taken delivery of the book, but any pre-ordered copies won't be despatched until after the World Horror Convention next week where it will be launched.

You can see more photos of the book here.

12 Mar 2010
Site update:
Four new images added to the Image Archive: The Talisman, Fallen Angel, Black House and Head Games.

16 Feb 2010
You can now have a sneak peak inside my upcoming art book, ALTERED VISIONS: THE ART OF VINCENT CHONG. I’ve put together a pdf preview of a few of the interior spreads which you can see at: http://issuu.com/vincentchongart/docs/altered_visions_preview.

12 Feb 2010
My artwork for the cover of The Last Stormlord by Glenda Larke has been nominated for a David Gemmell Legend Award in the Ravenheart (Art) category. The DGLA aims to raise public awareness of the Fantasy genre and appreciate and reward excellence in the field, whilst commemorating the legacy of David Gemmell and his contribution to the Fantasy genre. More about the awards and how to vote can be found at their website. A full list of the nominations in the Art category can be found here.

11 Feb 2010
As you may have read on my blog the first art book collecting my work will be published by Telos Publishing. Entitled ALTERED VISIONS: THE ART OF VINCENT CHONG, it will be a 48 page, A5, full colour hardback edition. The book will be published 25th March and launched at the World Horror Convention 2010 but you can pre-order a copy now direct from the publisher's website under the 'Original and Classic Fiction' section. Copies are expected to be limited so place your order now to avoid disappointment. Further details can be found here or by clicking on the art book banners at the top right of this website.

Site updates:
I've added a number of images to the Image Archive: Prelude to Destruction, Fuglies, The Obin, Heart of Clay, The Grey Grifins & the Clockwork, She Puts Stars in the Sky, Day Break and Under the Dome. I've also switched over some of the images in the Portfolio including adding including 3 images in the 'Design' section: Season's Greetings '09 Mailer, Ars Memoriae and The House in the Riddle.

8 Feb 2010
My new blog vincentchongart.wordpress.com is now online. The blog will be updated regularly and feature posts including news updates, artwork, behind-the-scenes material such as sketches, insights into my working methods and inspirations, tips and info on life as a freelancer, and much more. There's also free downloads including desktop wallpapers, so please stop by for a visit and check it out.

22 Jan 2010
I am very pleased to announce that I've been invited to be Artist Guest of Honour for the 2011 World Horror Convention. It will take place in Austin, Texas in the US from April 28th-May 1st 2011. Other confirmed Guests of Honour so far are Joe Hill, Steve Niles, Sarah Langan, Joe R. Lansdale and Brian Keene. Further information about the event can be found at www.whc2011.org.

2 Dec 2009
Throughout December 2009 any prints ordered from me will be discounted by 20%. If you would like to place an order, please email me using the 'Contact' link opposite.

I was invited to be a guest blogger over at Pat's Fantasy Hotlist. The post I wrote gives an insight into the process of creating a cover from being commissioned to the finished artwork. The article can be viewed here.

Simon Clark's forthcoming book from Telos Publishing, Humpty's Bones is now up for pre-order at the Telos website. I've done a piece of wraparound art ('Bones') for the cover, which can now be seen in my Image Archive. The book will come in three editions - Standard paperback, Deluxe signed hardback and Limited signed and numbered Traycase. It is planned for the Traycase edition to come with an additional exclusive hardbacked 'Vincent Chong' art book. However, this special Traycase edition will only go ahead if Telos receives enough orders for it, so if anyone is interested they should place their order now!

Site updates:
Added new images to the Image Archive: Bones, In Hell.

9 Nov 2009
Site updates:
I've updated the Image Archive with my cover art for various books: Horns, The God Engines, The Corporation, Grave Peril, Postscripts #20. The images are: Edison's Frankenstein, Grave Peril, The Corporation, The God Engines, The Devil's Tune, The Devil in Me and Bad Omens.

3 Nov 2009
UK heavy rock band Treason have just released their new self-titled album which features my ManGod image on the CD cover. Details on how to buy the album can be found at their website www.treasonband.com.

25 Oct 2009
News: Patrick over at the popular SFF book-reviewing blog Pat's Fantasy Hotlist is starting a series of 'Spotlight' posts to help promote and showcase artists' work. The first spotlight features myself and can be seen here. Along with the spotlight we're also running a giveaway, so participants will have the chance to win one of my prints of their choice. For details on how to enter please check out the spotlight article. Furthermore, in a few weeks time, I'll also be a guest blogger on Pat's Fantasy Hotlist, and will be writing a post on the processes behind creating a piece of book cover art, from being commissioned to the final artwork, so stay tuned!

15 Oct 2009
French publisher Dreampress.com have finally released their Ténèbres 2008 collection which uses my Misery image for the cover. I'm also featured inside in an interview with editor Benoît Domis.
Also, now available for pre-sale is Paul Kane's new book Of Darkness and Light, which uses my ManGod image for the cover. It is published by Thunderstorm Books in both hardback and trade paperback editions. Purchase details for the hardback can be found here, and for the paperback here.

2 Oct 2009
News: Insomnia
, a monthly Argentinian web magazine dedicated to Stephen King, recently interviewed me. The article can be seen here. It's been translated into Spanish so if you're not fluent in the language you'll have to plug it into Google Translate for a translation. I may post the original interview in English somewhere one day...

23 Sep 2009
I attended FantasyCon last weekend where I picked up the British Fantasy Award for Best Artist again. As ever, I'd like to thank all those who voted for me and who have supported me with my work over the years. Congratulations also to all the other winners, the full list of which can be seen here.

19 Aug 2009
Site updates:
Added new images to the Image Archive: Shine, Through a Glass Darkly, Abandoned, The House in the Riddle, The Club Dumas and The Green Man.

31 Jul 2009
I briefly appear in the latest issue of Computer Arts (issue 165), out now, in the accompanying Graduate Showcase supplement. I'm featured in the 'Where are they now?' article along with a selection of other creatives who have appeared in previous years' Gradutate Showcases. I originally featured in the Computer Arts Graduate Showcase back in 2003.

30 Jul 2009
Once again, I'll be attending FantasyCon this year which takes place at the Britannia Hotel in Nottingham, UK from Sep 18-20th. The twentieth anniversary edition of The Mammoth Book of Best New Horror (for which they've used my Bag of Bones artwork for the cover) will be launched during the convention on the 19th at 3pm. Several of the book's contributors, including editor Stephen Jones, and myself will be present for the launch/signing.

6 Jul 2009
Site update:
Added Ouroboros image to the Image Archive.

8 Jun 2009
I'm pleased to announce that I've been shortlisted for a British Fantasy Award again for Best Artist. The Best Artist shortlist is:
Dave McKean (The Graveyard Book)
Edward Miller (Vault of Deeds)
Lee Thompson (The Land at the End of the Working Day)
Les Edwards (Various)
Vincent Chong (Various)
Voting for the winners closes on 1st Aug and the winner will be announced at FantasyCon 2009 in Sep. Members of the BFS and FantasyCon 2008, and those registered for FantasyCon 2009 are eligible to vote.
The full Awards shortlist can be viewed here.
Site update:
Added The Last Stormlord to the Image Archive. It's the cover art for the book of the same name to be published by HarperCollins Australia. Their final cover design can be seen here.

1 Jun 2009
A selection of my work can now be viewed at my new Flickr page: www.flickr.com/photos/vincentchong-art/.

27 May 2009
Site updates:
Added new images to the Image Archive: The Punished (2008), Ars Memoriae (2009), Time (2009) and Mister Slaughter (2009). Also added: cover design for Mister Slaughter to the Design Portfolio.
I've recently finished the front cover design for Ars Memoriae by Beth Bernobich (PS Publishing).

It'll be added to the Design Portfoilo once the full wraparound design has been completed.

19 May 2009
I've created a Portfolio page at www.carbonmade.com showing a selection of my art and design. It can be viewed at http://vincentchong.carbonmade.com/.

13 May 2009
Site update:
Updated Portfolio selection of Illustration work.

24 Apr 2009
Site updates:
Added new images to the Image Archive: Brautigan (2008), Hope (2009), Room 1408 (2009) and The City & the City (2009).
Also additions to the Design Portfolio: 'Fake' movie posters for the interior of Stephen King goes to the Movies - Hearts in Atlantis, 1408 and The Shawshank Redemption and the book cover design for The City & the City.

21 Apr 2009
Site updates:
Added new image to the Image Archive: Welcome to Nekropolis.
Updated CV & Clients page.

7 Apr 2009
Site updates:
Added 3 new images to the Image Archive: Danse Macabre, Hearts in Atlantis and War.
Also added the cover design for Purple and Black to the Design section of the Portfolio.
I've just done an interview for New Horizons, one of the three British Fantasy Society magazines. The issue I'm featured in will be out with the June BFS mailing to its members.

27 Mar 2009
I have been interviewed for The Genre Files - a blog by Darren Turpin, the Digital Marketing Manager for the Little, Brown Book Group, on all genre related matter. You can check out my feature here.

24 Mar 2009

Here is an iPhone skin featuring my artwork for Joe Hill's (www.joehillfiction.com) novella Gunpowder. These aren't available in any shops, but Joe's going to have a bunch of them to give away at the San Diego ComicCon which he'll be attending for a couple of days.

17 Mar 2009
The readers of the Estronomicon eZine (which can be found over at www.screamingdreams.com) have once again voted for me as Best Artist in the 2008 Dead of Night Awards. A big thanks to all those who voted for me!

2 Mar 2009
Added 3 new images to the Image Archive: A New Home (2009), Pet Sematary (2009) and The Pick-up (2008).
Also added the cover designs for The Witnesses are Gone and The Last Colony to the Design section of my Portfolio.

15 Feb 2009

Welcome to my newly re-designed online-portfolio. Please take your time to explore this new site.

You can browse through my work in the 'Illustration & Design Work' section in two ways:
'Portfolio' – a small selection of my illustration and design work that gives a sample of what I do. (This will be changed and updated from time to time.)
'Image Archive' – a collection of my illustration work over the years. (This section will be updated with my latest illustrations as soon as I'm able to.)

I hope you enjoy the new site. Thank you for visiting!

Vincent Chong

PS. If you come across any glitches, please let me know at vinny@vincentchong-art.co.uk. Any comments and feedback are also welcome.

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